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When choosing a country style for Your home interior, first of all we appreciate its natural character, as well as a unique atmosphere that reminds us of childhood, when everything was simple, clear and very beautiful. Country style is connected closely with best national traditions, also it is known a village style, but at the same time it is a perfect one for modern city apartments.


Today people can`t imagine their life without modern household appliances. Country style is characterized by the purity of materials that are used everywhere - for interior items, decoration and finishing. All modern equipment is best hidden or arranged inconspicuously. For example, TV plasma can be temporarily closed by using a wooden door .At the same time, this does not mean that everything will look poor, but this brings a special atmosphere of warmth, comfort and romanticism.

Natural materials

In country style, only natural materials are used, this is not allowed to apply any plastic in the decoration, as well as too glossy surfaces. When there is no possibility of using some natural materials, for example, stone, then its good imitation is quite acceptable.

Tiles, wood planks or stone can be used for floor finishing Wood beams are great for ceiling decoration. The walls can be covered with paint, simply with plaster or with light- color wallpaper designed with in a small flower.
It is necessary to use only natural fabrics for decoration, with floral motifs, simple geometric design are allowed.


If You prefer a convenient style that will create a comfort for You in everyday life and furniture functionality is extremely important, the country style is just what You need. Moreover, this interior design looks very attractive: here each item is warm and cozy. This is especially appreciated by large city residents who have a lack of communication with nature.

For Your comfort, You can use various general-purpose devices, for example, wicker baskets for storing newspapers, magazines, shoes, fruits and vegetables. Mats and carpet walks can be laid on the floor. It is also important that the interior care will not cause any trouble, if necessary, You can quickly move items from one place to another, everything is easy to wash and clean.

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