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When everything is conveniently, correctly and lovely arranged in the kitchen, it is much more pleasant to spend time in such a room. To place a headset in a spacious kitchen is much easier than when space is very limited, but there may be some ideas.

Angular design

This is the most popular and general-purpose option for arranging kitchen furniture and all appliances. Due to this design, You can place large number of items using a little space. The work triangle is conveniently arranged on the tops of the made triangle.

The angular design can be an ideal option for any size rooms and with any number of windows. Choosing this L-shaped design, the rest of the kitchen can be used for making a full dining area with any shape of a large table and chairs for each family member or even guests.

Linear design

Linear design means that all household appliances and storage systems are arranged along one of the kitchen`s walls. In this case, there is a lot of space for making a large dining area. It is very convenient for the hostess to use the kitchen island where the stove and sink are installed. This option is still not very widespread in our country, but modern designers strongly advise to choose a linear design. Also, the kitchen island can include closed shelves for storing fruits and vegetables under the working area.

Linear arrangement will be a good choice not only for spacious rooms, but also for small size kitchens. Often this option is chosen by small families, or those who live alone. The kitchen island can also be used as a place to eat or as a dining table.

U-shaped design

If You have a lot of storage systems, then the U-shaped design will be best option for You. It is ideal when You need lots of built-in home appliances, for example not only a standard refrigerator but also a freezer, a wine or other refrigerators. Due to this arrangement, You can have plenty of storage space in the kitchen.

Parallel design

If the kitchen has a separate exit to the backyard or garden, or there is a panoramic window, then You should choose a parallel furniture arrangement . It is possible to make a dining area in the center of the room.

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