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Choosing kitchen furniture is not an easy task, but interesting enough. Modern furniture is available in various versions, and has different materials of manufacture. Wood set is especially valued among consumers: it has a beautiful appearance, and wood is an eco-friendly material that will not require special care.

Wood species

The furniture can be made of various wood species that differ in appearance, density and value. The higher the density of the canvas, the more resistant to external factors will have the finished product. Spruce, pine, alder and other conifers are considered soft, so products from them will cost less.

Oak, walnut, alder, ash and larch have a high density, so they perfectly withstand mechanical damage, moisture and temperature extremes. Accordingly, the things of them are more expensive.

Characteristics of different wood species

Different species have different characteristics:

  • oak has a very high strength;
  • nut has high strength, products from it will serve you a minimum several decades, moreover, the material is extremely difficult to scratch or damage;
  • alder by value is like the nut;
  • ash is completely unpretentious in care;
  • linden is plastic and durable, but it is afraid of moisture, that’s why it is not the best way for kitchen furniture;
  • birch is hard, but under the influence of moisture can begin to rot, because it has short service life;
  • larch is resistant to moisture, but in case of insufficient or improper drying there may appear many cracks, and this will lead to furniture damage;
  • pine is strong and easy to process;
  • maple is strong and durable.

Often furniture manufacturers use several species of wood at once, in order to increase its service life and improve its properties. Each type of wood has its own characteristics that must be considered before purchasing. Usually by the appearance of the product you can understand what wood it is made of.

Subtleties of choice

If you want to make a purchase that will please you for a long time, then be sure to consider the rules and nuances of choosing wooden furniture. First of all, you should examine each item in detail: everything must be done qualitatively. Defects are not allowed! The wooden surface must be treated with protective compounds. Pay attention to the accessories: the boxes must easily to move out.

Wooden furniture is the best choice for the kitchen in almost any style. If you choose and arrange it correctly, then it will give the room a homely atmosphere of comfort and coziness.

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