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Wood furniture and custom decor from Comodos

Wood decor elements will perfectly fit into any interior style, in classic, hi-tech, loft or Scandinavian, You can buy many items of desired shape and color from wood. Also, such details will create a comfort, which we need so much and transform the interior of an apartment or a country house. And the rich material texture will create fancy atmosphere. Moreover, the wood interior can be well combined with other materials: such as leather, metal, glass, etc.

Another wood`s advantage is a natural material: wood isolates from cold and dust, as well as hypoallergenic. That is the interior wood decorations have a practical value. Also please note that one of the wood`s main features is its durability.

Wood decoration can be applied in such options:
– wall and floor decoration;
– ceiling beams;
– furniture, kitchen and bedroom sets;
– decorative screens;
– stairs, etc.

Custom-made decorations in Kiev

Comodos company offers a custom-made wooden decor or handmade home items:
– kitchen shelves for dishes;
– decorative panels on the wall (mural);
– bread baskets;
– coffee tables;
– pot holders;
– racks and decorative hooks outer clothing;
– caskets for trifles, etc.

Most of all, the wooden carved decor will be perfectly combined with for country style (rustic, ethno), which is in high demand while designing a kitchen. You can buy wood furniture, panels, shelves, and décor from the manufacturer, if You contact Comodos company.

A country – style kitchen or a rustic Provence is an exciting solution that will impress You and Your guests. And family dinners and tea parties will be filled with great fondness. Every detail is important, and the more household trifles, painted dishes, spice jars and other details, the better. Moreover, it is advisable that the dishes are displayed in plain sight – in this case, open shelves and lockers will be the best option. And breadbaskets with decoupage (decoration technique), vases with flowers, jugs will fit perfectly into this country interior. Wood details will add a character and create a feeling of warmth – never a dull moment in such a kitchen!

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