When choosing hallway furniture, first of all You should consider the following criteria: functionality, aesthetics and environmental friendliness. You can find interesting stylistic solutions in our Comodos furniture catalogue. Comodos also offers custom-made furniture in Kiev, both for small apartments and for country cottages.

When selecting the hallway furniture, please pay attention to following details:

  • – hallway size,
  • – shelves and hooks for clothes and shoes,
  • – umbrella stand,
  • – material,
  • – decorative items,
  • – built-in lighting,
  • – hallway colors.

How to choose hallway furniture? We recommend to follow some rules and advices. Functionality involves the availability of storage space (separate places for clothes, shoes, accessories, products for care), as well as ease of use. In addition, please provide a small chair, a pouf at the door or folding seats – such items will be necessary if You are tired or You are comfortable wearing shoes while sitting.

When choosing hallway furniture, it is important to consider the interior design of an apartment or cottage. Modern options are quite simple: modesty decor and easy geometric shapes, without extra items. On the other hand, if You require a lot of storage space for your overdress, a compartment wardrobe up to the ceiling will be very useful. In this case, cabinet furniture is the best, which is easily combined (in the corner or along the wall) and made in the same style.

Please remember that the hallway is a place where all dirt and water comes from the street. Therefore, the decoration and furniture must be waterproof and not requiring to be cleaned, so that the hallway will bring pleasure for You for many years.


For modern hallways, we use the following materials:

  1. Wood chipboard – durable, water-proof material made from sawdust and chips impregnated with a binder. Due to its low cost and high functionality, chipboard is the most popular material for furniture.
  2. Finely dispersed fraction – material from smaller wood sawdust. It is soft enough, therefore, good for small parts and thread production. Also, it is more eco-friendly product.
  3. Solid wood is an expensive, but durable, high-quality and stylish material.

Custom-designed hallway furniture from Comodos

Comodos company sells a ready hallway furniture and produces custom-made furniture in Kiev. Comodos hallways are made of high quality, eco-friendly and durable materials and provide reliability and loveliness.

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