Bathroom arrangement is not only a choice of right plumbing. It is important to choose furniture that can make a room more usable, comfortable and beautiful. Bathroom furniture, first of all, must be functional, water-proof, easy to use and maintain.

The classic material for bathroom furniture is wood, which is treated with special water-proof agents. Often, people choose the white color for bathroom decoration and furniture – it is a classic style. It is more comfortable to have bathroom cabinets with drawers for storage of towels, cosmetics and hygiene items, but in this case, You should provide enough space for them. Hanging cabinets are better located at eye level.

Custom-made bathroom furniture from Comodos

Very often there are small bathrooms in the apartments, and choosing the right bathroom furniture is very difficult process. Often it does fit into the apartment style, only breaking the general atmosphere. In this case, the best solution would be a custom-made bathroom furniture.

This solution has many advantages, but first of all it is that furniture items will perfectly match the home design. Moreover, custom-made bathroom furniture will provide the most efficient use of free space in the room.

You can draw a sketch by yourself, but it is better to communicate with a specialist who help You select necessary furniture items and develop a right design. We understand well how it is difficult to choose bathroom furniture and we recommend every client to contact our professional designer and constructor. They will create a usable, stylish, elegant and lovely bathroom.

In order to buy bathroom furniture in the Comodos online store, You should make a request on the official website, then our managers will contact You. Delivery is performed in any city of our country.

Please treat yourself to the best bathroom furniture in Kiev and Ukraine!

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