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We create functional, stylish, unique projects for any kind of space.

Multifunctional design
We develop design projects for private houses, apartments and commercial facilities.

Custom- made production
We create furniture You dream about.

Quality assurance
We take care of every detail under the project: whether it is installation or engineering works.

1. Creating an interior is not an easy task and we are ready to help You create the best design for You space.
Service order
We make comprehensive technical room measurements, provide basic recommendations for design and space planning, develop design drawings, basic diagrams, specifications, as well as 3D-visualization for agreeing a project.

2. Furniture production.
After approving sizes and design, we start a production, all stages of which are strictly regulated and supervised personally by Your manager.

3. Assembly and installation.
The assembly of custom-made furniture is done by highly skilled craftsmen. The assembly service includes:

~ A craftsman`s home visit
~ Furniture assembly, including leveling, fitting installation , plugs, etc.
~ Cleaning.
~ Consumable items.

4. Designer `s supervision.
We monitor all installation works according to the agreed project plan. Our designers and constructors regularly visit objects to provide a control over all stages. In addition to high-quality furniture, You can also give professional advices for room design and choosing household appliances, lighting, natural and composite stone.

We are happy to offer You the services of our highly qualified managers and designers and reliable partner companies with a worldwide reputation!

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